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  • Laura Vivas

Mexico City Art for All Online

A temporary art display found along the fence of Parque Zoologico de Chapultepec.@ZoologicodeChapultepec

Many people have the belief that art is limited only to millionaires, to specific social circles, to the “elite," but this idea is entirely incorrect. Art is a delight to which we all have a right, and there are a large number of artists creating wonderful pieces of unparalleled quality that are accessible to all kinds of budgets. The problem is that most don’t know where to find them.

Creating a Platform for Mexico City Art

This is why we decided to start the “Mexico City Artists" project, an online platform that would serve as a showcasing space for artists located in Mexico City, regardless of their origin. We saw an opportunity where we could help these artists get themselves found and to create an opportunity for anyone wanting to find original works of art. The idea is to develop a platform where original pieces are offered, priced to fit all budgets, and where the local artists can easily be contacted as most sell solely through the local marketplaces. We wanted to create a space where art is presented not only to millionaires, but for anyone wanting to enjoy it.

The pieces range from the traditional to the avant-garde, from a small box for a bedroom, to extensive canvases perfectly fit to adorn a large white wall. The costs range, but start at around $300 pesos and go up from there. You can even find graphic material options, such as giclees, of original works by the artists that are available for those looking for something simpler but no less beautiful. Regardless of the price of the piece, each is carefully created through the artist’s passion and is a display of their interpretation of the world.

One of the many art marketplaces where local Mexico City artists set up their wares every weekend. The goal of our project is to make these available online as well!

The Popularity of Buying Art Online

We know that physically seeing and being in front of an artistic piece is an irreplaceable process, however, with the openness of technology and social media platforms, and the change in our busy lifestyles, the way we are purchasing has migrated online, even in the field of art.

According to an annual report from The Hiscox (Hiscox online art trade report 2018), the sale of online art has tripled since 2013, with a slower increase in the last two years, but still with an upward projection expected to follow. Collectors are becoming increasingly comfortable going online to buy and meet new artists, including through social networks. Instagram specifically has become a fundamental marketing tool for this industry, especially for emerging artists, with many having been discovered through these means.

Art can touch the most sensitive fibers of people. It is a way of expressing ideas, concepts and feelings in different ways and when someone decides to acquire a piece for their home or office it is because they enjoy it. Our goal is to create this space for all of the artists of Mexico City (for now) who have artwork to show to the world, and for those who are looking for something beautiful, original and easy to acquire.

Translated from original piece by Laura Vivas