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The goal of our #MexicoCityArtists program is to get the word out about the abubndatly talented artists that work and live in Mexico City. Many have grown up here, and some have relocated, but for some reason or another they  all chose to stay in this inspirational place they now call home. 

The idea for our program came about while visiting the many art markets and vendors. We noticed that few of the artists displayed their amazing pieces anywhere but in their respective weekend stalls. While this has worked for them for years and most do art as a fulltime professional, we felt they deserved a wider recognition. We have done this by creating a gallery and reach out program to get the voices of these talented persons heard and seen.  @MexicoCityArtists

“Every artist was first an amateur.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

This program is run by @LingoWriters, a woman-owned company helping other small business owners and startups to learn the ins and outs of creating a company no matter what language they speak.


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